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A woman standing on top of a sand dune and surrounded by desert.
Huacachina outfit

Planning a Trip

A woman standing in front of a mountain view with massive ruins on them.
Machu Picchu


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🏆 Experience Rankings

Here are my ranked experiences for Peru. Learn how I rate experiences.

#ExperienceLocationOverall Rating
1⛰️ Inca Trail to Machu PicchuCusco8.0
2🏜️ Huacachina Day TripIca7.5
3🏛️ Cusco CityCusco6.8
4🏞️ Sacred ValleyCusco6.7
5🌈 Rainbow MountainCusco5.7
6🌳 Costa VerdeLima5.9
Overall Rating is calculated using Lukiih’s rating system.

🗓️ 2024 Trip Planner

To make your travel preparation easier, download the trip planner below. It has destination-specific travel information, itinerary, map, and packing list.

My trip planners are built on Notion, which I use for all my travel planning. I genuinely love this tool and creating an account is free.

Three Notion template screenshots are shown: travel information, itinerary, and map + packing list templates.
Preview of Peru trip planner.